10th Episode Postponed

The Meffany Show with Meffany has some breaking news about The Meffany Show with Meffany. The Meffany Show with Meffany’s 10th Episode Special has been postponed to January. This special is sooo majorrrrr that we need more time to do it. Meffany has already put in about an hour or an hour and half into […]

Where did everybody go?

If you’re like Meffany and sitting over on Zoom waiting for the meeting with homosexuals to pop up, you might be as lonely as Meffany. That’s because it seems everybody is trying out RingCentral.com.  Go to that website and download their app then go to the SWIRLonTHRU.com Chat Directory and you’ll be able to go […]

The Meffany Blog

Hello I am Meffany. This is my blog. Welcome to it. Here I will provide you with important information updates between episodes of The Meffany Show with Meffany.