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The code of conduct at SWIRLonTHRU.com is meant to establish consistency while providing each of the individual chatroom owners the liberty to personalize their own chat room which may include limited guests lists based on a variety of reasons.   They are not required to admit anyone nor are they required to allow anyone ro remain a part of their meeting.  Chat room owners are also given the right to pass the power to make such decisions along to their hosting staff.  

If you feel you have been removed from a chat room unfairly, you are encouraged to discuss it with the chat room owner to see if you might have violated his standards.

Chat room owners and hosts are given the ability to ban participants from their rooms.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS CODE IS THAT ALL USERS MUST HAVE A LIVE WEB CAM ON AT ALL TIMES.  This is a video chat, so have some video.  Those who those who do not abide by this policy continuously may be suspended or banned from using the site.

At SWIRLonTHRU.com, we are proud to carry over a long established social community built over many years while using the zoom platform.  We expect you to keep that same spirit going for many years to come. If you have a concern with a feature or policy on the platform you are encouraged to talk to a chat room owner, community board member, moderator or member of the executive committee.

There is a team of moderators who are always on duty to help maintain order in the community.  These moderators have the ability to suspend participants and chat room alike.  If either are suspended, they will be required to meet with the President of Vice-President to explain why they should be reinstated.  Those appeals are generally heard within 24 hours of suspension.

Solicitation on this site is prohibited.  You are not allowed to sale products or services of any type without written permission of a member of the Executive Committee.

All members of the community are required to abide by this Code of Conduct and are responsible for new information added regularly,  You may be asked at times to check the code of conduct and verify having seen the updates.


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